Privacy Policy

- Introduction

 We place a high value on our clients, and The Insight Bridge places a high priority on taking any measures necessary to protect our client's interests. We have a globally acclaimed procedure that supports privacy, protects consumer values, and protects data, and we have communicated this to all divisions within the company as well as to clients. We have developed a comprehensive privacy policy that strives to cover every tiny aspect of customer privacy throughout their experience with The Insight Bridge because this is the most important value in the order of business values.

- Protecting Children's Rights

We place this at the top of the list for a reason. The Insight Bridge feels more responsible than ever to support the rights of children because the audience below 13 years old is a sensitive group. Our content is not intended for children under the age of 13. We promptly remove the information and user account from the website if we discover any content or information that is inappropriate for the targeted audience.

- Data Protection

The Insight Bridge is one of the first companies in the industry to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect in May 2018. The Insight Bridge has stood out from the rest of the business by adhering to the regulations that were implemented in the best interest of the customer. Despite the fact that it is only a small company, The Insight Bridge is a responsible influencer of global and regional economies.

The Insight Bridge has taken measures to protect user data on its own, in addition to complying with the law to protect user data. As you read this, it is enthusiastically suggested that you read The Insight Bridge's policies and understand doing business with us.

- Information Collection

Data is at the heart of every business today, and relying on it is now a necessity for any business that thrives on the digital platform. Consequently, The Insight Bridge gathers certain business-appropriate data. Name, email, phone number, company, designation, and contact information are requested. While these data are looked for a powerful business experience, The Insight Bridge promises to use these subtleties capably and just on a need basis.

Then again, The Insight Bridge likewise uses cookies to gather information about a user who visits the website. Notwithstanding, the client is flagged off about the same at whatever point he/she visits the website through a disclaimer. Before continuing to use the website, we advise the user to read the cookies policy.

In addition, we collect general information about the user's location and website traffic from their IP address in order to improve our marketing and other processes. During this process, we do not obtain any personal information.

- How We Use Your Information?

Personal Information: We never permit the sharing of user personal information. A request from the government or the local governing authority would be an exceptional circumstance. Also, we only use the information you give us to make our services better and give you the promised goods and services. We might also use the information to check your qualifications and details at the same time.

Anonymous Information - We obtain anonymous information from the user’s IP address, yet we never enjoy looking at something very similar to procuring personal data. Notwithstanding, we use the details from the IP to comprehend traffic and assist us with growing better policies to suit our business interests. Simultaneously, we might use an anonymous IP to actually look at our server necessities or meet specific website requirements from the client. Further, we might share the traffic information with advertisers or different agencies to assist with further developing our marketing campaigns.

Cookies: As previously stated, we acquire user data on the website using cookies. Basically used for understanding user behavior, this information likewise helps user from re-entering credentials each login. The Insight Bridge has no control over the advertisements or other agencies' content on its website, and promotional or advertising content may also contain cookies.

Disclosing Personal Information - We reveal personal information just under the following conditions.

  • If the government or any regulatory body looks for data under the law of the land.
  • Protect and safeguard the company's rights.
  • To protect consumers and the general public, take action against anything frivolous or illegal.

Sale of Information: Your information will never be sold by The Insight Bridge. However, the acquired data is sold to the buyer as part of sales of all assets, including consumer data, if the company decides to sell a part or the entire business.

Access to Information - Remembering the company’s advantages and that of different clients we don't encourage access to client data. Nonetheless, we truly do oblige individual requests from clients or users to make changes or delete a portion of their data or the entire account. This, notwithstanding, is done after evaluating the request.

- Security

Although The Insight Bridge makes every effort to ensure the security of all user data, we cannot guarantee that third-party websites or other data breaches will not result in data loss or misuse.

  • The Insight Bridge stores all of the information you provide, and no third parties are permitted to access it.
  • The Insight Bridge has its own customer relationship management platform is protected with firewalls and subsequently giving it an advantage in protecting user data.
  • The Insight Bridge makes every effort to protect user data and keeps user data confidential at all times.
  • Further, after all these efforts, in the event that a data leak is accounted for by a user, The Insight Bridge is open for an examination concerning the matter. The Insight Bridge is not obligated to follow any legal procedures in the event of a data leak by any third party, person, organization, or anyone else.

Loss brought about by the client at the personal or professional front in any form is his/her/their responsibility. The loss is not the responsibility of The Insight Bridge or any of its associates, and neither will they be bound by any legal liabilities. Additionally, the customer agrees to hold The Insight Bridge accountable for any personal or professional losses incurred.

- Third-Party Content

Other than its own content and tools, The Insight Bridge additionally uses content and data from third-party websites. You might also find links to them in some cases. However, The Insight Bridge is not accountable for the content's quality, form, or any other aspect of the third-party website. Additionally, we disclaim responsibility for any financial, physical, electronic, or other loss or damage sustained by the customer as a result of the third-party website or content.

- Contact Us

Please contact us at if you have any questions or would like more information about the privacy policy.

- Updates and Changes

The user must specifically request any data updates to be made to their profile. The Insight Bridge's information is based on extensive research, and our analysts provide data using tried-and-true methods. Then again, satisfaction with the site is the result of logical and prudent research. However, we all make mistakes. The Insight Bridge does not guarantee the accuracy of the provided research report or any other content on the website. Of course, we strive to provide information of the highest possible quality and will always do so.

A user is in every case free to withdraw from The Insight Bridge in the event of any anomalies found by essentially keeping in touch with us at

- Electronic Communication

Communication plays a prolific place in beholding trust between two important parties. At The Insight Bridge, a client visiting our site or keeping in touch with us through emails is considered to electronically be speaking with us. In addition, all of our communications will be sent via email or via our website's announcements, notices, and other forms of communication. Through such communications, you agree that all communication made by The Insight Bridge to you electronically are provided in writing.