Terms And Conditions

A deal by the standard book is consistently consistent. Additionally, customer service is of the utmost importance to us at The Insight Bridge. The Insight Bridge stipulates some terms and conditions in an effort to simplify your experience. While we have them published here, we exclusively hold the rights to transform them as necessary. As a dependable association, we consider it our duty to put them out in public for the customer’s knowledge. Before placing your order, we also encourage you to read the terms and conditions carefully. It is essential to keep in mind that the terms and conditions that are currently posted on the website will be applicable. As a result, by placing an order with The Insight Bridge or one of our associates, you accept the terms and conditions outlined on the website.

- Electronic Communications

Communication holds a prolific place in observing trust between two valued parties. A customer visiting our website or sending us an email is considered electronic communication at The Insight Bridge. Further, all communications from our end will be made by means of emails or through declarations, notifications, disclaimers, or different forms of communication on our site. Through such communications, you agree that all communication made by The Insight Bridge to you electronically is provided in writing.

- Copyright

All material and information available on our site and in our research reports, including text, graphics, pictures, statistics, audio clips, video material, insights, analysis, and others, are the exclusive property of The Insight Bridge and are protected by international copyright laws. Content in any form on The Insight Bridge’s website and research reports are likewise a selective property of the company and is protected by international copyright laws. Further, all software and technological/ technical tools used by the organization on its site and within are the sole property of The Insight Bridge. Additionally, international copyright laws protect them. You agree not to share any content, tools, software, data, graphics, images, audio, video, or other The Insight Bridge property with any third party in whole or in part by interacting with us or conducting business with us. You must obtain written permission from The Insight Bridge if you wish to do so. If the customer exhibits discrepancies, the company reserves the right to take legal or internal action.

- Payments and Delivery

We are a market research company and our products are both, common for all and personalized. In both two cases, we just process the order stringently after payment. By no means does The Insight Bridge encourage balance in payment for order. Simultaneously, subsequent to making the payment, it takes at least 3-5 days for us to process the order. You will receive an electronic copy of the report, while a hard copy will be sent to your postal address. Delivery time might vary based on the location.

The Insight Bridge does not support order cancellations, but we are aware of the circumstances that necessitate the change. However, the payment is reimbursed without charge by The Insight Bridge. Instead, we offer credits for The Insight Bridge that have the same value but must be used within a year.

- License and Website Access

We grant limited access to a link, which we have the right to revoke at any time, upon entering into a business transaction with The Insight Bridge. In addition, The Insight Bridge or any of its associates cannot be portrayed in a derogatory manner through the link, which could harm the company's values, management, or employees. The Insight Bridge reserves the right to bring legal action against the customer in the event that such an action is discovered. In addition, The Insight Bridge prohibits downloading, changing, or modifying any form, content, or tool from the website. The organization holds the rights to start action on tracking down such cases. The permit doesn't allow re-sale, or sale of a part or any component of the website or the research report. Also, robots cannot be used to mine data from websites for personal or commercial use. The Insight Bridge likewise doesn't allow the use of its logo, copyright, exclusive data, or some other data or information in lieu with the company on some other platform for personal or commercial use. Sharing information from The Insight Bridge's research reports or website on social media also requires written permission from the company and requires attribution to The Insight Bridge. The company holds the power to start activity assuming that data from The Insight Bridge is shared via virtual entertainment without attribution and assent.

- Accuracy and Credibility

Data given by The Insight Bridge depend on broad research and our analysts use proven and tested techniques to give information. On the other hand, the website's content is the result of careful and rational research. Be that as it may, to fail is human. The Insight Bridge does not guarantee the accuracy of the provided research report or any other content on the website. Of course, we strive to provide information of the highest possible quality and will always do so.

- Third-Party Content

Other than its own content and tools, The Insight Bridge likewise uses content and data from third-party websites. You might also find links to them in some cases. However, The Insight Bridge is not accountable for the content's quality, form, or any other aspect of the third-party website. We likewise, represent no loss or damage brought about to the customer electronically, genuinely, physically, or in some other form, because of the third-party website or content.

- Indemnity

Loss brought about by the client at the personal or professional front in any form is his/her/their responsibility. The Insight Bridge and its associates bear no responsibility for the loss and will not be bound by any legal liabilities. In addition, the customer agrees to hold The Insight Bridge accountable for any such personal or professional losses.

- Law of the Land

By entering into a business agreement with us, you agree to be responsible and submit to the law and guidelines set somewhere near the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra. If you don't follow them, the law of the land might take action.